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25Live Support

Ask questions about 25Live or get assistance doing something in 25Live.

25Live Training

25Live has a lot of different features that are not used by everyone. We have basic user trainings as well as more targeted training for users looking to get help with certain uses or features of 25Live.


Academic Equipment Loan

UAA IT Services has a limited number of computing devices and internet hotspots available for loan to eligible UAA students and employees for academic use by semester. The device you can borrow will be decided by IT based on your academic need.

Access to Edit Website/Webpage

Request access to edit a website or specific webpage on the CMS.

Add or Change a Department's Record in the Online Directory

Have a new department added to the Online Directory or request changes and existing department.

Add or Change a Device in the IT Monitoring System

Request the addition of a device to the IT monitoring system, an update to settings in the monitoring system for a device, or the removal of a device from the monitoring system.

Add or Change a DNS Record

Request new DNS records, changes or updates to existing DNS records, or the removal of DNS records.

Add or Change a Long Distance Access Code

Request a new long distance calling code or update an existing long distance calling code.

Add or Change a Mailing List

Request the creation of a new mailing list, changes or updates to an exsiting mailing list, or decommision of a mailing list.

Add or Change a Managed Print Station

Request a new Managed Print station, a relocation of an existing Managed Print station, or the decommission of an existing Managed Print station.

Add or Change a Person's Record in the Online Directory

Have a person added to the Online Directory or request changes to an existing person's information.

Add or Change a Phone

Order a new VoIP telephone, request updates to a telephone, or remove/decommission a telephone. This form can also facilitate requests for multiple phones.

Add or Change a Static IP

Request a reservation for a static IP address, updates to an existing reservation, or the removal of a reservation.

Add or Change a Voice Menu

Request the addition of a voice menu to a department phone number, updates to an existing voice menu, or the removal of a voice menu from a phone number.

Add or Change an IT Hosted Server

Request the addition of a new physical or virtual server, updates to an existing server, or the decommission of a server.

Add or Change Cabling

Report or request the addition of new network cabling, a change to existing cabling, or the removal of cabling.

Add or Change Departmental Email Account

Request the a new, change, decommission/removal or migration of a departmental email account.

Add or Change DHCP Entry

Request a new DHCP entry, an update to an existing DHCP entry, or the removal of a DHCP entry.

Add or Change Group Policy

Request assistance with Microsoft Active Directory group policies.

Add or Change List Item on A-Z Listing Webpage

Request changes to be made to the A to Z Listing webpage on the UAA Website.

Add or Change Network Device

Request a new network device, changes or updates to an existing device, or the decommission of a device.

Add or Change Office 365 Add-Ons

Office 365 offers additional add-on software components available to UA Departments to purchase for their faculty, and staff.

Add or Change Security Camera(s)

Request the installation of new security cameras, moving locations of security cameras, or the removal of security cameras.

Add or Change SPSS Software Licenses

SPSS Statistics is a software package by IBM used for statistical analysis.

Add or Change to Firewall

Request the addition of a firewall or firewall rules, changes to an existing firewall or firewall rules, or the removal of a firewall or firewall rules.

Add or Change Vanity URL(s)

Request a new vanity URL to replace a current URL, moving a vanity URL to a different URL, or removing a vanity URL.

Add User to Security Camera Group

Request the addition of authorized users to specific security groups to view footage from security cameras.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Allow Traffic Through Firewall

Request an allowance of legitimate traffic from a university supported device through the UAA network firewall.

Auto Install Application(s) on Devices

Request deployment of applications, whether Apple or PC, to those devices that need additional software outside of an initial build process.

AV Equipment Assistance or Training

This service is for requesting AV assistance or training on hardware or software supported by Audio Visual Services.

AV Services Support or Equipment for Events

Find out if Audio Visual Services has specific hardware to borrow, rent, or purchase.


Blackboard Course Merge

Request course merges in Blackboard Learn.

Borrow IT Equipment to Work Remotely

UAA employees can request UAA IT equipment to temporarily work remotely.


Change 25Live User Permissions

Request updates to 25Live user permissions.

Change Deployed Software Image(s)

Request an update deployed images, primarily base images for UAA Campuses, Library, and updated boot images.

Change Fileshare Access Permissions

Update or change Fileshare access permissions, including administrative and security group level changes.

CMS How-To Support

This service is used for requesting assistance on how to add or edit content on a UAA web page.

CMS New User Training

Sign-up to attend training for CMS New Users and/or CMS Web Accessibility Training.

CMS Webpage Consultation

Request one-on-one assistance with web pages on the UAA CMS, OUCampus.

Colocated Server Hosting

Request to have a pre-configured physical server hosted in the IT Services data center.

Create a Deployment or Configuration Workflow

Request the creation of a workflow (build) that will be deployed to the different locations, whether a lab or a campus.

Create or Update License Servers

Request to create or update license servers with new or updated licenses.


Departmental Move of Computer & Peripherials

Schedule a move of many computers and related equipment for large offices or entire departments from one campus location to another.


Electronic Door Access Install

Request the installation of a new physical access system on a campus interior or exterior door.

Email Extension For Alumni

This service is used by University Alumni to request an extension to their UAA email account.


Get Notifications About 25Live

Signup to receive email notifications about 25Live.


Install Software

Request software installations to university owned computers or computers owned by current students, faculty, or staff.

Investigate Possible Virus/Compromise of Equipment

Request assistance from Desktop Services to investigate possible virus infections or compromises of equipment by malicious software programs.


Legitimate URL Being Blocked

Report an instance where a legitimate URL is being blocked by the UAA firewall and needs to be allowed.

License Server Failing to Issue Licenses

Request assistance when a license is failing to issue a license to clients.


Move & Setup Computer Equipment

Schedule a move of a few computers and related equipment for individuals or small offices from one campus location to another.

Move Device Behind Firewall

Request to move a qualified device, typically a printer or server, behind the UAA network firewall.

Multi-Factor Authentication

A security system that requires users to prove their identity using more than one factor of authentication to access accounts. It's designed to improve account security and prevent fraudulent account access, improving the basic level of security achieved with just one factor of authentication, usually a password.


New Blackboard Learn Course Shell

Request the creation of a development course shell in Blackboard Learn.

New Calendar

Request a new Google, Exchange, or 25Live calendar.

New Fileshare

Request the creation of a new department Fileshare.

New or Move Digital Sign

This service is for requesting the installation and setup of digital signage or to move an existing digital sign to a new location.

New or Renew SSL Certificate

Request a new or renewed SSL certificate for eligible website URLs hosted on the domain.

New or Repurposed Computer and/or Peripherals

Request to purchase new or refurbished computers and peripherals.

New Pharos Account

Request the creation of a new Pharos admin, proctor, or service center account.

New Web Hosting

Request hosting for websites that are not a part of the main CMS.


Off UAA Campus Scheduled Event Support

Request support for an event that is being held at a location off of the main UAA campus.

On-Campus Access and Face to Face Notification

For departments to request approval for Face to Face Courses or other in person meetings from there department and Risk Management.


Password Reset

This service will take you to the website where you can reset your UAA account password, or recover a forgotten password.

Personal Computer Repair

This service is for requesting assistance with setting up hardware or software, or performing repairs or maintenance on a personal computer.

Phone Billing

Inquire about billing for phones or update phone related billing information IT Services has on file.

Pickup of Computer(s) and/or Peripherals to Surplus

Schedule the pick up and processing of equipment to be sent to UAA surprlus.

Port Activation

Request the activation of a network port/Ethernet wall jack.


Report a Bug with 25Live

Request support for 25Live related issues.

Report Phishing Email

Report malicious spam emails or phishing attempts sent to or from university email addresses.

Request an Upgrade to AV Equipment in a Room

This service is used to request an upgrade to existing AV technology in a room.

Request Softphone Access

Get setup to be able to receive and make phone calls through your computer using Jabber from Cisco.

Routine Technician Site Visit (RTSV)

Set up recurring onsite support from Desktop Services or Audio Visual Services.


Schedule Computer Lab Maintenance

Schedule computer lab maintenance to be performed by the Desktop Services team.

Schedule Computer Maintenance

Schedule computer maintenance to be performed between certain dates at some point in the near future.

Scheduling a Web or Video Conference

This service, including Zoom web conferencing, allows users to join with traditional hardware based video conferencing rooms from multiple remote locations. Those using Zoom need only a personal computer (Windows or Macintosh OS) or iPad, along with a web-cam and microphone, either built-in or external.

Setup New Office Printer

Request the setup of one or more non-Managed Print office printer(s).

Special Wireless Network

Request a limited use wireless network for events and special functions.

Submit Approved Software Waivers

Submit Procurement Services approved software waiver requests for new software that isn't currently offered by IT Services.

Supplies for Managed Print Station

Request a restock of supplies for a Managed Print station.

Support for Issues with a Video or Web Conference

Report and request assistance with issues related to connectivity of a video or web conference.

Support for Issues with AV Equipment

Request assistance for AV equipment in a University room that is not working correctly.

Support for Issues with Blackboard

Report issues with the Blackboard Learn and Collaborate.

Support for Issues with Calendars

Report an issue with a Google, Exchange, or 25Live calendar.

Support for Issues with Computer Lab Devices

Request support or repairs for computer equipment in a campus computer lab.

Support for Issues with Electronic Door Access

Report when physical access to one or more security card accessed doors is not working.

Support for Issues with Mailing Lists

Support for Issues with Managed Print Stations

Request support or repairs for a Managed Print Station or associated printers.

Support for Issues with our CMS, OUCampus

Report issues with CMS pages, such as images not displaying correctly or pages failing to load properly.

Support for Issues with Phones

Report an issue with a University phone. This is problems with a physical phone or software used to make calls using a phone number such as Jabber.

Support for Issues with Security Camera(s)

Report issues with security cameras on campus.

Support for Issues with Sending or Recieving Email

Report issues and receive support for email not being delivered from or received to UA email addresses.

Support for Issues with Software

Report issues with UAA supported software and applications.

Support for Issues with University Computer(s)

Request assistance with setting up hardware or software, or performing repairs or maintenance on a UAA department owned computer.

Support for Issues with University Networks

Report a network issue, either with wired network connectivity or WiFi.


Temporary Vendor/Contractor Electronic Door Access

Request temporary access for an authorized vendor or contractor working on behalf of a university department.


Unmanage Device in IT Monitoring System

Request a device or devices be unmanaged in the IT monitoring system.

Update 25Live Location Information

Request updates to 25 location information.

Update Version of Application in Software Center

Request the version of an application available in the Software Center to be updated to a newer version.

Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

This is to request to upgrade older Windows 7 machines to Windows 10

URL Redirect

Request a redirect of one URL to another URL.


VLAN Changes

Request a change of which network VLAN specific device(s) reside on.

VPN Access

Request access to the virtual private network (VPN).


Web Analytics Reports

Request a Google analytics reports on statistics for a website and it's sub-sites, or webpage.