Academic Equipment Loan

Service Description

UAA IT Services has a limited number of computing devices and internet hotspots available for loan to eligible UAA students and employees for academic use by semester.  For more details on eligibility requirements see the Eligibility section of the Academic Loan Program Knowledge Base Article. If approved, the device you can borrow will be decided by IT based on your academic need. If you have questions on how to complete this form please contact the UAA Technical Support Center at 907-786-4646.

Please note that peripherals, such as webcams, headsets, monitors and dongles are not available.

For full details about about this program please see the
knowledge base Academic Equipment Loan Program article.


Students, Faculty, Staff

Special eligibility requirements must be met. For more details please see the Eligibility section of the Academic Loan Program Knowledge Base Article.

Required Information

Before submitting a ticket, please have the following information ready:

  • Your primary contact phone number
  • The physical address there the device will be used/kept
  • The semester the device is needed for
  • The type of device you need (Chrome book, CAS Laptop, Hotspot)
  • If this is an extension request for a device you already have, the Ticket number for the original request submitted for the device you have
  • If a CAS laptop the name of the employee that referred you for the program
  • Detailed description of why you need the device
  • Accommodate that may need to be made for you to receive the device
  • Mail to address if device needs to be mailed
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