Get Notifications About 25Live

Service Description

Receive email notifications about 25Live. This includes,

  • Information about new features
  • Setting or configuration changes that may change what or how you see something
  • Planned outages anytime, when the system will not be available due to planned maintenance by CollegeNet
  • Unplanned outages or system degradation. Anytime we have been made aware that people are unable to access 25Lvie or it is not performing optimally.
  • When certain processes for the Course Schedule is being created for a semester that may impact 25Live users. Example: When Final Exam are being created.
  • Any information that is important for 25Live users to know. Example: Best practices for handling cancellations due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Students, Faculty, Staff



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Wed 5/20/20 2:08 PM
Wed 11/25/20 12:57 PM