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Ask for help if you are having trouble or get answers to your questions about 25Live. This is for questions about specific things like,

  • Can I do ..... in 25Live?
  • What does ..... mean in 25Live?
  • How do I ...... in 25Live?
  • Why Can't I .....?
  • It won't let me ......?
  • I need to ....?

If 25Live is not working the way it is supposed to please use Report a Bug with 25Live .

If you want training for 25Live including specific parts of 25Live look at our Documents and Videos or the 25Live Training and Workshop Calendar.


Students, Faculty and Staff

Required Information

Before submitting a ticket, please have the following information ready:

  • The part of 25Live the questions is about. (Event, Location, Resource, Search, Report, Other)
  • The questions you want answered.
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