Blackboard Course Merge

This service is used for requesting course merges in Blackboard Learn.

Please note: this will make one of the courses you select a "parent" course while all others will be "child" courses. This means curriculum/content changes made in the parent course will be reflected in the child courses.

Guidelines for Course Merge

  • To ensure compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), only courses administratively linked in Banner and taught by the same instructor(s) may be merged in Blackboard. These include a cross-listed or stacked pair of courses or two sections of the same course offered synchronously, which may use the same or different delivery methods (e.g. one face-to-face and the other online, two video conference sections).
  • You cannot request that multiple sections of the same course be merged (e.g. four sections of COMM A111), nor may multiple pairs of stacked or cross-listed courses be merged. This is not permissible under FERPA.
  • The Child and Primary Blackboard courses must be listed in the same semester
  • After merging, the Child courses will be made unavailable. Instructors should not make the Child courses available in the future
  • Course Merge will combine the Grade Center listing for all the students. If you require separate Grade Centers do not use Course Merge


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