AV Equipment Assistance or Training

Service Description

This service is for requesting AV assistance or training on hardware or software supported by Audio Visual Services.

AV equipment, training and pre event support is done through 25Live as part of the room reservation. This will allow for scheduling of AV resources when you request everything else for your event. It also allows us to keep better track of your request and manage available resources. For more information and help with 25Live see the 25Live Information Page.

Instructions for Making a Request

  1.  Login to 25Live with your UA credentials.
  2. If the event is already in 25Live go to your event and edit it. Otherwise click the Create Event button that should be in the middle of the screen. For additional help with creating events please visit the  25Live Information Page.
  3. AV equipment, training and scheduled event support requests are added in the Resource section when creating or editing your Event. A quick way to find a list of UAA AV Equipment and Services is to search by "UAA AV".
  4. If you have any special requests or information, add it in the Notes field.

Special Step For UAOnline Course Classes
Please note that UAOnline Courses are imported into 25Live from Banner and cannot be edited in 25Live at this time. To request equipment for a course you should create an event for right before your class and use the Location ANY NS. We will look up your Course and attach your equipment request to your Course.


Faculty, Staff

Required Information

Before submitting a ticket, please have the following information ready:

  • Building and room where hardware or software is located
  • Date and Time when assistance is needed
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