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Services or Offerings?
Request temporary access for an authorized vendor or contractor working on behalf of a university department.

Submit Procurement Services approved software waiver requests for new software that isn't currently offered by IT Services.

Information Technology Services can host and manage software licenses where deployed software applications would benefit from a central license service.

Request the addition of new network cabling, a change to existing cabling, or the removal of cabling.

Secure, remote, connectivity from non-University of Alaska locations to campus resources.

Assistance, and requests related to file storage, data archiving, and other related services and collaboration solutions.

Assistance, and requests related to university calendaring services for students, staff, faculty, and departmental use.

This service is for requesting assistance with setting up hardware or software, or performing repairs or maintenance on a university owned computer.

Report issues with UAA supported software and applications.

The audio conferencing service is provided through Two Rivers Conferencing for the University of Alaska system.

Providing University security risk and vulnerability assessments, mitigation recommendations, and audit assistance.

Request software installations to university owned computers or computers owned by current students, faculty, or staff.