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Sign-up to attend training for CMS New Users and/or CMS Web Accessibility Training.

This service is for requesting AV assistance or training on hardware or software supported by Audio Visual Services.

25Live has a lot of different features that are not used by everyone. We have basic user trainings as well as more targeted training for users looking to get help with certain uses or features of 25Live.

Ask questions about 25Live or get assistance doing something in 25Live.

This service, including Zoom web conferencing, allows users to join with traditional hardware based video conferencing rooms from multiple remote locations. Those using Zoom need only a personal computer (Windows or Macintosh OS) or iPad, along with a web-cam and microphone, either built-in or external.

Find out if Audio Visual Services has specific hardware to borrow, rent, or purchase.

Request the creation of a development course shell in Blackboard Learn.