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Inquire about billing for phones or update phone related billing information IT Services has on file.

Order a new VoIP telephone, request updates to a telephone, or remove/decommission a telephone. This form can also facilitate requests for multiple phones.

Report an issue with a University phone. This is problems with a physical phone or software used to make calls using a phone number such as Jabber.

Request the addition of a voice menu to a department phone number, updates to an existing voice menu, or the removal of a voice menu from a phone number.

Get setup to be able to receive and make phone calls through your computer using Jabber from Cisco.

Have a person added to the Online Directory or request changes to an existing person's information.

A security system that requires users to prove their identity using more than one factor of authentication to access accounts. It's designed to improve account security and prevent fraudulent account access, improving the basic level of security achieved with just one factor of authentication, usually a password.