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Services or Offerings?
Request changes to be made to the A to Z Listing webpage on the UAA Website.

Request the creation of a new mailing list, changes or updates to an exsiting mailing list, or decommision of a mailing list.

Have a new department added to the Online Directory or request changes and existing department.

Request course merges in Blackboard Learn.

Request the creation of a development course shell in Blackboard Learn.

25Live has a lot of different features that are not used by everyone. We have basic user trainings as well as more targeted training for users looking to get help with certain uses or features of 25Live.

Request the addition of a firewall or firewall rules, changes to an existing firewall or firewall rules, or the removal of a firewall or firewall rules.

Report issues with security cameras on campus.

This service is for requesting assistance with setting up hardware or software, or performing repairs or maintenance on a personal computer.

Schedule computer lab maintenance to be performed by the Desktop Services team.

Request updates to 25Live user permissions.

Request the a new, change, decommission/removal or migration of a departmental email account.

This service is for requesting AV assistance or training on hardware or software supported by Audio Visual Services.