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Request software installations to university owned computers or computers owned by current students, faculty, or staff.

Request deployment of application(s) to macOS, or Windows university computers that need additional software.

Get audio and video equipment installed in a room or existing equipment installed in a room upgraded.

University computer labs provide customers with an extensive software library installed on both Windows and Mac workstations, printing options, and technical support.

The Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software, and web-based applications is available through a centrally managed University of Alaska system license agreement. Departments can purchase licenses from this agreement for use by Staff, Faculty, and Students, whether for administrative duties, or academic work.

Secure, remote, connectivity from non-University of Alaska locations to campus resources.

SPSS Statistics is a software package by IBM used for statistical analysis.

Submit Procurement Services approved software waiver requests for new software that isn't currently offered by IT Services.

This service is for requesting assistance with setting up hardware or software, or performing repairs or maintenance on a university owned computer.

Request the installation of new security cameras, moving locations of security cameras, or the removal of security cameras.

UA departments/employees may request SPSS, or changes to existing, licenses.

Request the addition of new network cabling, a change to existing cabling, or the removal of cabling.

Order a new VoIP telephone, request updates to a telephone, or remove/decommission a telephone. This form can also facilitate requests for multiple phones.

It is a good idea to test your video, and audio before a meeting or webinar. You can do that either manually, or via requesting a test meeting.