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Services or Offerings?
Support for university websites and online services hosted separately from the content management system (CMS).

Information Technology Services can host and manage software licenses where deployed software applications would benefit from a central license service.

Request a new or renewed SSL certificate for eligible website URLs hosted on the domain.

Assistance, and requests associated with server, and application management, monitoring, and alerting solutions.

Request new DNS records, changes or updates to existing DNS records, or the removal of DNS records.

Request the addition of a device to the IT monitoring system, an update to settings in the monitoring system for a device, or the removal of a device from the monitoring system.

Assistance, or requests associated with administration options for servers located in the university's data centers.

Assistance, and requests associated with TLS certificates used for services such as HTTPS, and other protocols that allows secure connections between devices.

Assistance, and requests related to file storage, data archiving, and other related services and collaboration solutions.

UAA IT maintains managed, secure data centers that can service your physical and virtual server/storage colocation needs.