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Providing University security risk and vulnerability assessments, mitigation recommendations, and audit assistance.

This service is used by University Alum to request an extension to their UA email account.

University of Alaska Anchorage electronic door lock system allows individuals to access buildings, as well as interior room(s) they are authorized to access.

Assistance, and requests associated with protection and solutions for dealing with malicious email communications.

UAOnline gives students, staff and faculty access to business aspects of the university.

Assistance and information related to UAA ID cards/Wolfcard.

Wired network connectivity provides high-bandwidth, high-availability campus connectivity to the Internet, Internet2, and other online services.

Assistance, and requests related to the UA employee, and department online directory.

Assistance, and requests associated with your UA Account/Identity to change your UA password, request access, and more.

Assistance, and requests associated with using University of Alaska email services for individual, and departmental purposes.

Assistance, and requests related to file storage, data archiving, and other related services and collaboration solutions.

Active Directory (AD) is the system that manages your domain account at the university, and is used to login to university computers, wireless networks, Office 365, and other systems/services.

Department and service accounts can be used to send email from a department or group, rather than a specific individual.

Assistance, and requests associated with using Mailman for group email discussion, and e-newsletters

Support, service, setup and maintenance of Managed Print system.