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Services or Offerings?
Request the a new, change, decommission/removal or migration of a departmental email account.

Request the creation of a new Pharos admin, proctor, or service center account.

This service is used by University Alumni to request an extension to their UAA email account.

Get emails sent to an email account for information and updates on IT Services. These include updates about scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages.

This service will take you to the website where you can reset your UAA account password, or recover a forgotten password.

A security system that requires users to prove their identity using more than one factor of authentication to access accounts. It's designed to improve account security and prevent fraudulent account access, improving the basic level of security achieved with just one factor of authentication, usually a password.

This service is for requesting assistance with setting up hardware or software, or performing repairs or maintenance on a personal computer.

Office 365 offers additional add-on software components available to UA Departments to purchase for their faculty, and staff.

Report issues and receive support for email not being delivered from or received to UA email addresses.

Have a person added to the Online Directory or request changes to an existing person's information.