Service requests and management of AV equipment, services, and other classroom instructional technologies.

Services (9)

AV Equipment Assistance or Training

This service is for requesting AV assistance or training on hardware or software supported by Audio Visual Services.

AV Services Support or Equipment for Events

Find out if Audio Visual Services has specific hardware to borrow, rent, or purchase.

New or Move Digital Sign

This service is for requesting the installation and setup of digital signage or to move an existing digital sign to a new location.

Pickup of Computer(s) and/or Peripherals to Surplus

Schedule the pick up and processing of equipment to be sent to UAA surprlus.

Request an Upgrade to AV Equipment in a Room

This service is used to request an upgrade to existing AV technology in a room.

Scheduling a Web or Video Conference

This service, including Zoom web conferencing, allows users to join with traditional hardware based video conferencing rooms from multiple remote locations. Those using Zoom need only a personal computer (Windows or Macintosh OS) or iPad, along with a web-cam and microphone, either built-in or external.

Support for Issues with a Video or Web Conference

Report and request assistance with issues related to connectivity of a video or web conference.

Support for Issues with AV Equipment

Request assistance for AV equipment in a University room that is not working correctly.

Support for Issues with Security Camera(s)

Report issues with security cameras on campus.