Support for Cisco VoIP phones deployed to various campus locations.

Services (6)

Add or Change a Long Distance Access Code

Request a new long distance calling code or update an existing long distance calling code.

Add or Change a Phone

Order a new VoIP telephone, request updates to a telephone, or remove/decommission a telephone. This form can also facilitate requests for multiple phones.

Add or Change a Voice Menu

Request the addition of a voice menu to a department phone number, updates to an existing voice menu, or the removal of a voice menu from a phone number.

Phone Billing

Inquire about billing for phones or update phone related billing information IT Services has on file.

Request Softphone Access

Get setup to be able to receive and make phone calls through your computer using Jabber from Cisco.

Support for Issues with Phones

Report an issue with a University phone. This is problems with a physical phone or software used to make calls using a phone number such as Jabber.