My Recently Visited Services

Request a Google analytics reports on statistics for a website and it's sub-sites, or webpage.

Request software installations to university owned computers or computers owned by current students, faculty, or staff.

Request assistance for AV equipment in a University room that is not working correctly.

This service is used to request an upgrade to existing AV technology in a room.

Request access to edit a website or specific webpage on the CMS.

This service is for requesting the installation and setup of digital signage or to move an existing digital sign to a new location.

Request the creation of a new mailing list, changes or updates to an exsiting mailing list, or decommision of a mailing list.

Request the addition of a device to the IT monitoring system, an update to settings in the monitoring system for a device, or the removal of a device from the monitoring system.

Request approval and access by campus departments for face to face instruction.

Report an issue with a Google, Exchange, or 25Live calendar.

Request changes to be made to the A to Z Listing webpage on the UAA Website.

Report issues with the Blackboard Learn and Collaborate.

Request a change of which network VLAN specific device(s) reside on.

Request one-on-one assistance with web pages on the UAA CMS, OUCampus.

Request a redirect of one URL to another URL.

Request a new vanity URL to replace a current URL, moving a vanity URL to a different URL, or removing a vanity URL.

Request support for when a device isn't displaying properly in a classroom or meeting space through a projector or other display device.

Request a reservation for a static IP address, updates to an existing reservation, or the removal of a reservation.

This service is used by University Alumni to request an extension to their UAA email account.

Find out if Audio Visual Services has specific hardware to borrow, rent, or purchase.

Sign-up to attend training for CMS New Users and/or CMS Web Accessibility Training.

Request the creation of a new department Fileshare.

Request a limited use wireless network for events and special functions.

Request to purchase new or refurbished computers and peripherals.