My Recently Visited Services

Request to create or update license servers with new or updated licenses.

Request to have a pre-configured physical server hosted in the IT Services data center.

Request the creation of a new department Fileshare.

Request the addition of a new physical or virtual server, updates to an existing server, or the decommission of a server.

Request the installation of new security cameras, moving locations of security cameras, or the removal of security cameras.

Request the creation of a new mailing list, changes or updates to an exsiting mailing list, or decommision of a mailing list.

Request a reservation for a static IP address, updates to an existing reservation, or the removal of a reservation.

Find out if Audio Visual Services has specific hardware to borrow, rent, or purchase.

Request the version of an application available in the Software Center to be updated to a newer version.

Request deployment of applications, whether Apple or PC, to those devices that need additional software outside of an initial build process.

Get emails sent to your UA Email for information and updates on IT Services. These include updates about scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages.

Request to move a qualified device, typically a printer or server, behind the UAA network firewall.

Request updates to 25Live user permissions.

Request the a new, change, decommission/removal or migration of a departmental email account.

Update or change Fileshare access permissions, including administrative and security group level changes.

Request an update deployed images, primarily base images for UAA Campuses, Library, and updated boot images.

Request the creation of a workflow (build) that will be deployed to the different locations, whether a lab or a campus.

This service is used to request an upgrade to existing AV technology in a room.

View the current status and notifications about UAA IT Services. Notifications include updates about scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages.

Request updates to 25 location information.

Request a device or devices be unmanaged in the IT monitoring system.