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This article will assist you with syncing SharePoint Online files to a folder on your computer where you can work directly in the Mac Finder, or Windows File Explorer to access the files even when you're offline.
Information about approving system extensions for macOS application.
Microsoft Forms includes rich, real-time analytics that provide summary information and individual results for surveys and other types of forms. You can export the results to Microsoft Excel for more in-depth analysis, as well as delete or print a summary of responses.
In Microsoft Forms, you can have multiple co-authors help design a form and analyze responses. However, in some cases it might be necessary to remove access for others to edit the form, or see the responses. This is simply accomplished by stop sharing the form.
Many organizations require a shared contact list that is accessible by authorized individuals, for example a list of customer email addresses and phone numbers. In this article we will create a Shared Contact list in an Office 365 SharePoint site that will be accessible through a web browser, as well as Microsoft Teams to individuals that are members of the group.
In Microsoft Forms, you can have multiple co-authors help design a form and analyze responses. All co-authors can also view, edit, and delete responses, plus share the form with others by sending them the collaboration link.
UAA Mailman is a web-based email distribution list manager that allows staff, faculty, and university departments and organizations to use email lists for distribution of news, upcoming events, and/or general discussion among subscribers.
Information about adding branching logic to a Microsoft form so that it changes according to responses to specific questions.
This article will provide you with instructions for how to install and connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client for Windows and Mac operating systems.
This article will explain how-to increase the amount of your Gmail that is synced to an Outlook client using GWSMO.
If you've created a survey, quiz, or poll, you can easily move it to a group so everyone in your group becomes owners of that form.
Frequently asked questions and answers about the Microsoft Teams collaboration app.
For help with the MobilePrint service that allows you to easily print your files via email, online through a web browser, as well as from a traditional computer.
Information on how an employee can update the information displayed in their UA Online Directory listing.
Information on how to request an update to a department's existing listing in the UA online directory.
Learn how to customize settings regarding who can fill out the form, when the form is available and not available, options for question randomization, among others.
This article will walk you through what SPSS is and how to properly install it.
In Microsoft Teams, you can add a Forms tab so you can create a new form, or add an existing one, that your entire team can collaborate on.
Information to help you customize your phone or alter phone settings via the CISCO Call Manager User Option web page.
Frequently asked questions and answers about email and related protocols.
This article will assist you with setting up mail forwarding to direct all mail from the UA Google Mail account to another address.
OneDrive for Business is a personal document and file storage hub. It's easy to upload, download, and share files. You can also create, view, and edit documents online using the integrated Office Online applications, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. For those times you need the complete set of Office features, you can open your files in the full version of the applications and save them to your hard drive or back to the cloud.
This article provides information on UAA's conventions for naming electronic devices on campus (e.g. computers, printers, scanners).