Configure a List Where Only Owners, and Moderators Can Post


How to configure a Mailman list so that only owners, and moderators can post.


How do I use this technology?

In order to do this, you must make sure that subscribers and non-subscribers cannot post. This will leave only the owners and moderators.

  1. First go to your list’s administration pages at:<listname>

    where listname is the actual name of your list and login with the list admin password.
  2. Click on Privacy Options.
  3. Click on Sender Filters.
  4. Under the Member filters section
    1. Locate By default, should new list member postings be moderated?
    2. Select Yes.
  5. Under the Non-member filters section
    1. Locate Action to take for postings from non-members for which no explicit action is defined.
    2. Select Discard.
  6. Click Submit Your Changes.
  7. If your list already has members, you should make sure that their mod status is set.
    1. Click Membership Management...
    2. Click Membership List.
    3. Under the Additional Member Tasks section locate Set everyone's moderation bit, including those members not currently visible.
    4. Select On.
    5. Click Set.
  8. Verify that owners, and/or moderators are able to post to the list.
    • If the owners, or moderators are subscribed to the list, you will need to change their moderation status.
      1. Click Membership Management.
      2. Find each owner’s, or moderator’s email address and uncheck the mod box.
      3. Click on the Submit Your Changes button before moving on to a new screen.
    • If the owners or moderators are not subscribed to the list
      1. Click Privacy Options.
      2. Click Sender filters.
      3. Enter their email addresses in the accept_these_nonmembers setting, one per line.

      4. When finished, click the Submit your changes button.

Your list is now configured so that only owners, and moderators can freely post to the list.


Need additional help or have issues

For additional assistance contact the IT Services Technical Support Center via phone at (907) 786-4646, toll-free at (877) 633-3888, email us at, or you can use the Seawolf Tech Portal to submit a Support for Issues with Mailing Lists ticket.


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