From offering advice on the purchase of computers, and computer-related products to device support, to working with experts to understand the best ways to use the technology, get answers to questions and receive guidance to help you make the most of technology on campus.

Categories (5)

File Storage

File storage, data archiving, and other related services and collaboration solutions.

General IT Consulting

Information about general IT-related consulting for university departments regarding equipment life-cycle, best practices, and more.

Project Management

Information and articles pertaining to managing IT projects using recommended campus methodologies.

Purchasing Recommendations

Recommendations for purchasing new technology such as desktop computers, laptop computers, printers, and more.

SaaS Consultation & Assistance

IT Services assists departments in the implementation of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, and third party vendor solutions. Services include evaluation of the software, integration support, resource contracting, and other technical implementation details.